The Spirituality of Salat


In this special episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will touch upon one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam known as As-Salat.

You will learn about the beauty, the reality, and the purpose of this Divine gift. You will also learn about the real definition, meaning, and correct interpretation of the very word, Salat. You will learn about the place of Salat in the Quran and its relationship with patience and taqwa.

You will also learn its importance, the need for awareness during Salat, and its connection with the Beloved Muhammad peace and blessings be upon his soul.

Lastly, you will walk away with a few suggestions on how to cultivate presence, awareness, and a deep connection in a state of Salat .

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  1. Magnus

    Salaam alykum.. very much inspired to be better. Thank you so much, may Allah bless your hearts, and ease your minds. Is there any chance I can download the music in the beginning and end of the podcasts?

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