Seeking Sacred Knowledge with Ustadha Linda Ayyash


Ustadha Linda Ayyash at a very young age was called to the deeper study of al-Islam and its sacred sciences, and so took it upon herself to pursue the seeking of sacred knowledge at classical institutions of learning and with teachers of traditional knowledge.

In this inspiring episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ustadha Linda Ayyash shares with us the unique challenges that many of us face living in the modern world with regards to seeking sacred knowledge and striving to live an upright life upon the noble and straight path, and she provides valuable insights and suggestions to support in this most noble of endeavors.

Ustadha Linda Ayyash also discusses the absolute importance of suhba, or companionship upon the spiritual path of seeking sacred knowledge, and highlights the utter necessity of keeping the company of the righteous men and women who have devoted their personal lives to the selfless service of God Most High and His creation.

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