Prosperity Based Consciousness


In this episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will take the opportunity to introduce and discuss prosperity-based consciousness and its connection with spirituality.

The different perspectives and current interpretations of prosperity have hindered spiritual growth and development, and this is why the topic of prosperity-based consciousness needs to be addressed. The misinterpretations of prosperity and the propagation of poverty-based consciousness into the world, have been used to control and lead the human mind into the traps of worldly illusions and mental delusions.

Success in all of its positive manifestations is the goal of Islam, and to reach the goal, the seeker must acknowledge the potential within, fulfil the dreams of the higher self, and attain excellence and perfection. Spiritual asceticism and success in the world, are not polar opposites, but rather, they are meant to be coupled together and used to reach the station of excellence and perfection.

The delusions of the human mind which we hear as voices and whispers, are also a huge factor in deterring us away from the attainment of success. Since no human mind is safe from the thoughts and false beliefs of self-worthlessness, of being incapable, or the lacking of skills and talents, the true nature of delusions must be exposed and known to us before we can make any real progress in the world.

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