Maryam Kabeer Faye and her Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils


In this very special episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will interview Sheikha Maryam Kabeer Faye on her Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils.

In this interview you will learn about her early encounters with spirituality, her deep connection with her pre-eternal reality, and the Divine call to seek His Truth.

You also learn about the essence of of every path she encountered on her spiritually transmutative journey and the Light that continued to inspire her and guide her through veils of the self and of the world.

You will also learn how she came to Islam and why she found Islam to be the path of truth, deep knowledge, love, and peace. She will share her encounters with her first Sheikh and how she was called, in a dream, to completely let go of the self and everything that it knows and to fully surrender to The Divine.

Sheikha Maryam will share the collective vision of a world of peacemakers who will connect, build, and play a role in the revival of the essence of Islam.

Lastly, you will join us in a beautiful duaa (prayer) recited by Sheikha Maryam.

More About Sheikha Maryam:
She is a beautiful soul, a seeker of the truth, a walker of the path, a world traveler, a writer, and an artist. She is also known for her profound autobiography “Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils”, the book is a personal account of her extra-ordinary journey, a journey of surrender inspired and guided by Divine Will on the path of spiritual transformation, remembrance, and return to the Divine Presence. The book has won numerous awards and has been recognized by many to be spiritually fruitful for those who are sincerely seeking the Truth.

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Make sure to get a copy of her profound autobiography “Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils

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