Living from the Heart


In this special episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will shed light on the realities and dimensions of the spiritual heart.

You will learn about the importance and significance of tuning in and making a connection with the Divine spark, and how by doing so, one can experience a shift in consciousness from the mind to the heart.

You will also learn about the journey of the soul from the pre-eternal realm to the physical realm we call the universe. This episode will take you deeper into the heart by giving you an understanding of the nature of the reality that exists within and its connection with the Divine Presence.

You will get to know the differences between living from the mind and living from the heart and how moving through life without a direct connection with Allah is a life spent in vain. You will also learn about the different aspects and dimensions of the spiritual heart, the importance of the purification process, and the link between the hearts of the believers and the invocation of the Divine attribute of mercy.

Lastly, you will get a deeper look into the beauty and reality of Salat, the connection between the heart of the believer and the Throne of Allah, and the importance of strengthening one’s Divine connection in the age of the Antichrist.

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