How to Represent Islam


In this episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will shed light on how to truly represent Islam as humanity draws closer to the global spiritual awakening.

You will learn about the apex of character, also known as the Mohammedan character, and how important it is for us as individuals to emulate. In the light of the events that attack the image of Islam, you will learn how it is the lack of the perfect muslim character that leads to reactions void of love, compassion, and wisdom.

You will also get a glimpse of the reality of Islam and what it means to truly be a Muslim. You will learn about the roots of good character, how its perfection extends out into the world, and how it can transform and revolutionize human consciousness.

Lastly, Ahmad and Ihsan, take the opportunity to remind the listeners of the era of spiritual awakening that humanity is currently entering and how the embodiment of Islam will be the reality that will lead the world to peace and prosperity.

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