Healing the Heart and Soul with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe


In this very special episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will interview Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe on healing the heart and soul.

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe will share his personal and medical background as well as his first encounters with different modalities of spiritual healing.

He will share how he came to truly know and embrace Islam as well the purity he had found within Islam after years of being exposed to different religions and spiritual traditions.

You will learn about the Divine given aspiration known as Himma within the Heart and how one can awaken the Himma within to seek and be in the Divine Presence.

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe will share with us the reality of love, how to develop deep love-filled connections with others, and love’s true place in Islam. He will shed light on the reality and goal of marriage and how lovers can ascend together to experience true love in Divine Union. You also learn about the subtlety of sensitivity and awareness and how to cultivate and nurture them both.

Lastly, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe will share with us remarkable accounts of how spiritual healing helped transform people’s lives both spiritually and physically.

More About Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe:
Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.), a spiritual teacher and healer. He is the founder of both the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center, and Dr. Jaffe MD Seminars. Thousands of people have embraced Islam and its mystical dimension through his teachings.

To learn more about Dr. Jaffe, visit www.drjaffemd.com.

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