Facing Addiction with Farhad Ameli


As human beings, we are naturally prone to addictions and addictive behaviors, and when unchecked without proper support and guidance, these drives can lead to our ruin as well as to great pain and suffering not just for ourselves, but those we love and who love us.

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, join us as we discuss with Farhad Ameli, director of 2 Shine Again Treatment Center, the topic of addictions and the necessity to face their reality whether they manifest in substance abuse or behavioral addictions.

Farhad Ameli has over 20 years experience in intervention and counseling, and has helped thousands of individuals regain control over their lives through a wholistic and spiritual approach to recovery and healing.

You can learn more about brother Farhad and his dedicated work at www.2shineagain.com.

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