Expansion of the Heart with Imam Fode Drame


It is with great joy that we bring to you this illuminating interview on the expansion of the heart with Imam Fode Drame.

Imam Fode is a leading-edge guide and teacher deeply rooted in classical tradition yet unique able to convey the heart and soul of the spiritual path in the modern world.

In this episode, you will learn about the three phases in the life and mission of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and how in contemporary times we have nearly lost the foundational essence of al-Islam, which is at its core a real and deep connection with the Divine Presence of God through the path of self-purication that leads to illumination and awakening.

To learn more about Imam Fode and his work, please visit his website at Zawiyah.ca.

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  1. Mohammed Faizal

    This episode is one of the heart opening of all. Imam fode gave great insights on the prophet (s.a.w) spiritual aspects during the meccan era . Paticularly right before the revelation.

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