Emotional Freedom


In this episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will focus on a very important matter of the heart. We often find ourselves and others in emotional turmoil and instability. The methods for treatment are sought in the wrong places and the real causes are usually never addressed directly. The real possibility of introducing emotional stability in one’s life is the inspiration behind this very episode. We will take the opportunity to reflect on the importance and reality of the heart, the connections between the spiritual states and emotions, and the answer to the question we propose, what is emotional freedom?

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  1. Anon

    JazakAllahkheir but I think there are a few versions of that hadith perhaps? Here is the one I saw:
    Once the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sitting with some of his Sahabah (Companions) when he said as was revealed to him:

    “A man from Jannah (Paradise) will show up now.”

    Soon a man from Ansaar showed up. The next day it happened again. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

    “A man from Jannah will show up now.” And the same person showed up. On the third day, it happened again and the same Ansaar showed up when the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had predicted that a man from Jannah will show up. Abdullah bin Amr ul Aas (RA) had been among the sahabah all three days. Curiosity got hold of him and he went up to the man and said,

    “I have had a dispute with my father and have promised that I will not go back home for three days. Would you let me stay with you for three days?”

    The man agreed to have him as a guest for three days.

    Abdullah bin Amr ul Aas was a pious man. He fasted regularly and finished Quran in three nights in prayer. He reasoned, surely the man must be praying all night and fasting every day, that is why he has been chosen among the people of Jannah. At night he expected his host to stand in prayer the whole night, but the host only offered the obligatory prayers and went to sleep. In the morning, Abdullah bin Amr ul Aas (RA) expected him to fast, but the host had breakfast after the Fajr prayers. Abullah bin Amr ul Aas(RA) thought that his host might not be feeling well today and maybe tomorrow he would do as Abdullah was expecting.

    To Abdullah’s amazement, the host followed the same routine all three nights that Abdullah was with him and did not fast. On the third day, Abdullah told him the truth and said that he did not have any fight with his father. He had only said that to be with him so that he could see what was so special about him that made him one of the people of Jannah.

    The man told him there was nothing special about him. He always did as Abdullah had seen for himself. Disappointed, Abdullah started to leave. The man called him back and said “There was nothing unique about him except that when he went to bed each day, he made sure there was no feeling of hatred or jealousy in his heart for any Muslim.”

    Abdullah said to him; “Nothing made you reach that rank except this. And not all of us are able to do so.”

    This hadith was narrated in Musnad Ahmed, but the name of the man was obscured.

    Credit: http://www.eaalim.com/download/index.php/blog/entry/he-is-man-from-jannah-paradise-why.html

  2. Anali

    Salam aleykum,

    I heard an advice for a book about meditation in one of the podcasts, but I can’t find it anymore, can you please help me to find the references?

    Very beautiful podcast by the way, so inspiring!

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