Daud Scott on Honoring the Body Temple


In this episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will interview Daud Scott on honoring the body temple and the importance of nutrition and wellness and their connection to spirituality.

Brother Daud will share with us what sparked his interest in the field of Holistic Nutrition and Wellness and how he was able to incorporate their fruits into his life on the spiritual path.

He will shed light on the importance of honoring the physical body that The Divine entrusted man with. He will also speak on the connection between controlling the portions of what we eat and what is known as sloth or laziness.

Daud will speak on the vital rest that our physical bodies need and how the lack of it can trigger chemical processes that ultimately affect the body’s physiology and the state of mind of the individual.

You will learn about the Islamic approach to health and wellness versus the modern approach known as western medicine. Daud will shed light on the connection between the root physical causes of illness and the spiritual effects on the human body and soul.

Lastly, Daud will help us identify what is halal food, as well as the internal realities behind consuming lawful, healthy, and spiritually charged foods. You will also learn how you can identify Islamic Holistic Nutrition.

More About Daud Scott:
His background is in Sociology with an emphasis on health. He is also a graduate of the University of Natural Health. He is a certified Holistic nutritionist, focusing on nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. He is also a certified personal trainer, a student of Islamic spirituality, phenomenal poet, and the founder of Natures First Path: Holistic Nutrition.

To learn more about Daud Scott’s work, visit www.naturesfirstpath.com.

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