Ahmed Pierstorff on Modern Music and Entertainment


In this episode of Soul of Islam RadioAhmad and Ihsan will interview Ahmed Pierstorff on the nature and place of music and entertainment in the modern world.

Brother Ahmed will share with us what sparked his interest in music as well as the events and experiences that fueled his creativity and continued involvement.

You will learn about how music is misused as a tool for escapism and distancing the mind from confronting personal issues and problems, as well as how music can be a modality for fueling and enhancing spiritual practices.

You will also learn about the communal and immersive experience of primal music and the power of entrainment and how it unifies souls in a collective experience that is felt on various levels of consciousness.

You will learn about the differences between and the realities behind entrainment and entertainment in both secular and non-secular settings.

Brother Ahmed will also shed light on the phenomenon known as the cult of personality and how it creates the artist’s worshipful image as well as the isolated and disengaging experience for an audience.

Lastly, brother Ahmed will share some insightful advice on the human connection with music and the benefits from implementing certain practices.

More About Ahmed Pierstorff:
He is a Primal Musician and Vocalist, a former Rockstar, a revivalist of communal music, and is experienced with various percussion instruments. He holds regular community drum circles where he teaches the use of percussion instruments and guides the participants in combining drum and voice to create a collective spiritual experience. His sansfife EP titled “what they took” is out now and available for free at sansfife.com. He is a student of Islamic Spirituality and is an RN currently working as a Hospice Nurse.

To learn more about Ahmed Pierstorff’s work, visit his blog at www.sansfife.com.

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