Spiritual Healing with Dina Elkoussy


In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ahmad interviews Dina Elkoussy on the subject of spiritual healing and recovering from childhood trauma.

Dina elaborates on this vital topic and explains how we all acquire spiritual and psychological wounds and traumas as a result of natural experiences in the world, and provides suggestions and advice on how to recover from the fall from grace through spiritual healing.

In this episode, you’ll learn how we misinterpret events throughout our lives, particularly in childhood, and how this then results in negative programming that handicaps us in many facets of our lives, including our relationships, health, businesses and careers.

Dina also addresses topic of shame, which although pervasive within the Muslim Community, is in fact non-conducive to healing and spiritual growth.

She also explains that a purely psychological and materialist approach is insufficient to truly heal the individual, and that for real healing, an approach which includes spiritual therapy based on inviting the Creative Force into our lives is necessary.

Dina also discusses the importance conscious parenting and providing our children tools and skills that will empower them to effectively handle life situations and learn how to heal from their own traumas.

About Dina

Dina Elkoussy is a graduate of the University of Sufism and Spiritual Healing, and has an active practice in spiritual healing and counseling, health and wellness. She currently resides in Encinitas, California.

You can learn more about Dina’s evolutionary work as a spiritual healer and connect with her at site, DinaElkoussy.com.

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